My salon was featured in a national magazine for its wonderful services!
Finer DeTails Featured in Groomer To Groomer Magazine!!  *starts on page 28!

I was also accepted as a freelance writer for!
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Finer DeTails Pet Spa is a pet grooming salon and wellness spa dedicated to bringing the grooming experience for your pets to a whole new level.  
I designed my salon and tailored my services to surpass what you would see as the norm from many salons. I did this in order to create a one of a kind supportive care center for pets.  I believe that grooming is more than just cutting hair, and that I have an obligation to clients to give them the best possible care during their stay.  I have dedicated years to gaining as much knowledge and education as I can in my career field related to pet care, and I continue to stay at the helm of the grooming and pet care industry with regard to professionalism, experience, skill, and knowledge.
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Six years ago I was nominated in 1 category, four years ago I was nominated in 3 categories and the next year my pet spa was nominated as salon of the year for the prestigious Cardinal Crystal Achievement Awardwhich was an unbelievable honor. As a reward for my efforts in creating the Wisconsin Association of Professional Pet Stylists, writing a book on competition grooming, and a book and certification program on caring for the canine skin and coat, and working hard within my industry to help my fellow 
pet stylists succeed.

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